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Here’s what teachers are saying about my Author Visits:


Maxine has an energy that is contagious! She is vibrant and wonderful with young kids!

- Jenny Ronnie, Mecca Glen School, Ponoka, AB

Maxine did an incredible job presenting her beautiful book. My kindy kids were very engaged and came back to class excited to talk about her story! - Rachel Drinkle, Annie Foote Elementary, Calgary, AB

Grade One

Wonderful, engaging presentation of a beautiful book that fits perfectly with the grade one science curriculum. Well paced and allows for students to participate and complete a quick activity. - Teri Rattray, CP Blakely School, Sylvan Lake, AB

Your story and presentation were a delight! Leaf ties in to the changing seasons and the language in the story enriches the vocabulary of every listener. You are meant to be working with children! Please let us know when you have published your next book. Come back soon! - Sandy Jaeger, Westbrook School, Cochrane, AB

Grade Two

The presentation was very valuable and focused on key concepts needed for building better, stronger and more competent writers—editing and revision and planning. The children learned the importance of these skills to the creation and publication of a picture book. - Sharon Wright, Lawrence School, North Battleford, SK

Wonderful and inspiring! My students have all kinds of ideas for Leaf’s next adventure.

- N. Hoffman, Reynolds Central School, Melfort, SK

Grade Three

Maxine Spence’s author visit was excellent! She was able to captivate our students and hold their attention with ease and creativity from start to finish. Her books are fabulous and I’d highly recommend them and her presentation to other schools and teachers. - Dianne Spencer, Kinistino School, Kinistino, SK

Maxine does a fantastic job of captivating the attention and interest of the young writers she talks to. She sparks their curiosity with “I wonder . . . what if? . . . well? . . . maybe???” Students learn about the writing process as she tells about the steps to create her books. Her enthusiasm is truly catching! - Laurie Anderson, Reynolds Central, Melfort, SK

Grade Four

Maxine gave an AMAZING presentation! She inspired me and my students to wonder and ask about the ideas in the soups of our lives. She is absolutely incredible and made the writing process an exciting adventure to embark upon. THANK YOU! - Sarah Sheppard, Lawrence School, North Battleford, SK

Maxine had my Grade Four class at the end of the day and kept them thoroughly interested and entertained. She gave them excellent information and inspiration for their own writing. - Arlene Thickett, Hoffman School, Langenburg, SK

Grades Five and Six

Great presentation! Movement, voice and interest level kept students focused and engaged (very hard to do for any length of time in Grade 5). But my favorite part was the picture at the end with the wish for every student, sooo meaningful. - Ms. D. Mason, Reynolds Central Elementary School, Melfort, SK

This was an excellent presentation for students to hear. I enjoyed how she used her experience to inspire them to see inspiration everywhere. Great for them to see the stages of writing. - Mrs. Jennifer South, Reynolds Central, Melfort, SK

Writing Workshop

The ‘brilliant ideas’ were brilliant. Students were engaged in writing and enjoyed the variety of activities. Lots of new and refreshing ideas for teachers as well. >- Grade 4/5/6 teacher, Killarney School

The students were engaged for the 90 minute presentation. Ideas were flowing and pencils were flying across the page. Thank you! - Kelsa Remy, Grade 5/6, West Central Public School, Prince Albert, SK

It was easy to write when we were challenged to use our senses.

- Shane, student from Mecca Glen school, Ponoka, AB


Maxine Spence spent three marvelous days at our school working with the Division I students. Maxine’s dedication to the art of story came to life as she shared her story, Leaf, with all the students. In the three-day residency, Maxine worked with a variety of students in both small and large group settings. She had an excellent approach in helping students with the story telling process. Maxine, along with the teachers, supported the students while they wrote Leaf’s next adventure. Maxine was flexible, enthusiastic and eager to share her great ideas with the students and staff. I would highly recommend Maxine Spence for an author visit for any Elementary School. - Alison Ede, Learning Leader, Calgary Board of Education

Here’s a letter from a happy Outreach Worker

June, 2014

To Whom It May Concern:

Reynolds Central School (RCS) hosted author and publisher Maxine Spence to kick off our literacy month and what a pleasure that was. Maxine comes eager and ready to engage with students from as young as Kindergarten to teaching staff. She inspired our students to read more, write more and most importantly, to follow your dreams. She was excited to hear from our students and share her journey from writing to publishing. The power of her message was clear when I had students for weeks after tell me how inspiring she is and that they themselves have wanted to focus on their own passions.

Maxine’s message and inspirations were not lost on our teaching staff either. I could ramble forever speaking wonders to Maxine’s message; however, I truly believe RCS staff said it best. Below are just a few of the emails excerpts I received from them in regards to Maxine’s visit to our school.


"Years ago RCS hosted Gary Paulsen..I thought we would never beat that. HOWEVER, I was wrong and I am glad :). Author was well-prepared and connected to the students. LOVED how Maxine talked about the importance of editing and striving to improve your writing. The same when she said the key to writing is to read, read, read, and read. We should never forget about that connection and I believe Daily 5 does that. Nice to hear it from an author as well!"

Daryl Zary, Grade 6 teacher


"I loved her artistic passion, how could you not get excited over reading and writing from her charismatic and colourful energy? You leave wondering what 'your spark' is meant to do in the world. So cool. I saw my students connect.”

Amanda Holowachuk, Grade 4 teacher


“Her passion was contagious and sharing her personal experiences with the writing process really helped the students connect. I've had new ideas popping in to my head all evening about how I could expand on this with my students."

Carina Calow, Grade 4 teacher


Maxine gives a presentation that should not be missed no matter what grades your school services. Her spirit and drive is not forgotten by any of our staff and students that attended the presentation, which is never an easy feat; anyone who has ever taught, mentored or been involved with children will know this is a gift. Her gift should be shared, as everyone needs a little inspiration to follow their dreams no matter what they may be.


Aleisa Vandeven Outreach Worker North East School Division, Saskatchewan


And this is fun!

Here’s what one school librarian did after my visit:classroom

Hi Maxine,

I wanted to do something with the poster you had given us, so I asked each of the students what they love to do now, or what they think they would like to do when they are grown.

A variety of interesting answers, and I thought it was kind of colourful and fun.

Donna Schultz-Abel Unity Public School, Unity, Saskatchewan