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My Gift to You

Elsie Archer Maxine 300ppi small copy

My goal as a writer and speaker is to uplift, inspire and delight. To that end, I created a series of cards and posters around a painting that I commissioned from Elsie Archer, the illustrator of my book, Leaf. 

I believe each person’s arrival on earth is momentous because each of us brings something special and irreplaceable to the planet. 

I end my talks by presenting the poster to the students, reminding them of their importance and encouraging them to wonder what their unique skills, talents, and abilities might be.

I give this poster to schools which book me for a day in which I see the majority of the students. I ask your permission to present it to each group and request that it be displayed where all students will regularly see it. (The library is often a good place.)

The poster is 18 x 24” with a white border. For individuals, I include the person’s name in the title of the piece (ex: Julie’s Arrival on Earth) along with the date of their birth (day/month/ year), like a limited edition print—which each of us is, really. When I gift it to schools, I write “Your Arrival on Earth” so that each person looking at it can imagine it is speaking to them and be reminded of their immense worth.