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Speaking Fees

* Mornings, afternoons or evenings (1 - 3 hours) $245 

* Full day (3 - 6 hours) $395

There is no mileage charge for visits within 100 km of my home in Didsbury, Alberta.

For visits more than a 100 km from my home, please add meals, accommodation and travel expenses of 50 cents/km. 

We can either do a per diem rate of $200 for restaurants/hotels or, if you are willing to feed and house me, I am happy to eat and spend the night with a host family to save the cost of a hotel (as long as I am able to retreat to a quiet room early in the evening to recharge and prepare for the next day). 

These expenses could be shared by organizing a week that has me moving among several area schools and/or libraries. This has worked very well in several Saskatchewan and Manitoba school divisions.